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COLOR TANGO de Roberto Álvarez

34th anniversary (1989-2023)

The orchestra COLOR TANGO de Roberto Álvarez is, since 1990, one of the key figures of the tango scene. From its beginnings and uninterruptedly, has performed in the most important theatres and tango festivals worldwide and has received numerous awards.


Their repertoire consists of own compositions and arrangements, plus interpretations of great successes of the orchestra of Osvaldo Pugliese. Color Tango de Roberto Álvarez, who has been for many years lead bandoneon and arranger in the orchestra of Pugliese, is now considered, along with his orchestra Color Tango, as the main followers of style and imprint of the great master, characterized by their strength and expressiveness .


The 12 CDs released by Color Tango are heard and danced in milongas all around the world. Special editions have been made in countries of North America, Europe and Asia. The main tango-dance teachers have choreographed their music for many different shows.


The musical activities of Color Tango de Roberto Álvarez have been declared of Cultural Interest by the Ministry of Culture of Argentina.


In November 2021, with the announcement by conductor Roberto Álvarez of his retirement from the stage, the orchestra begins a new stage in its history. On December 11 of the same year, the orchestra made its debut again with a concert at the CCK, joining maestro Ramiro Boero as first bandoneon. Currently the orchestra continues with its presentations in milongas and on stages, and working on the preparation of a new recording project with original compositions and arrangements.



…”I retire from the stage. Not so with music. The COLOR TANGO orchestra, which bears my name, will follow the trajectory planned more than three decades ago. It remains in the hands of my dear musicians who accompanied me for so many years; excellent people and professionals who will continue to preserve the Pugliesian style that should not be missed. They know how to do it and they have all the material. I will accompany them and I’ll be with them whenever they need me.”… (SIC). November 30 2021


Maestro Roberto Álvarez



On March 5, 2023, at the age of 82, Master Roberto Álvarez left us. The musicians who have accompanied him for so many years will take care of and spread his legacy, preserving the Pugliesian style and adding new arrangements and compositions without losing the roots that have always distinguished the group.



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