Gustavo Hunt (Bass clarinet and keyboard)

IMG_1027Born in Buenos Aires on September 4th, 1967.

He studied at National Music Conservatory “Carlos López Buchardo” and graduated at Popular Music Avellaneda School as Jazz Player. He studied harmony and composition with David Horta. He plays keyboards, clarinet, and tenor saxophone.
Since year 2000 he has been working as a clarinet and saxophone teacher at Popular Music Avellaneda School.
He played and recorded for the folk music group “Convergencia”, latin music group “Ollantay” and several jazz groups in Buenos Aires.

He recorded as guest musician for Hugo Romero’s CD “Ciltango”.

Since 1992 he is the keyboard player of Color Tango Orchestra. He took part in several performances and recordings in Argentina and Europe.

Nowadays he is part of “Trama”, Popular contemporary music group, and the saxophone quartet “D’Coté”.