Manuel Gómez (Contrabass)

IMG_0976Born in Buenos Aires on September 10th, 1975.

He studied double bass with masters C. Buono, S. Rivas and N. Juez, and also in the field of tango with H. Cabarcos. He studied at EMPA ( Popular Music Avellaneda School) specializing as tango instrumentalist, playing in several different orchestral classes with well-known tango masters.

Since he started playing music in the beginnings of the 90’, he was part of many popular music groups, such as the “Cuarteto Típico Sección Vermú”.

He is a bass player at Leopoldo Federico’s and Hugo Rivas’s quartet, and also at the tango trio “Boero-Gallardo-Gómez”.

He is also a bass player at the “Orquesta de Tango de la Municipalidad de Avellaneda”.

Since November 2001 he is part of Color Tango Orchestra, with whom he has recorded four albums and two dvds, and has toured across Argentina and the world.