Fernando Rodriguez (1st. violin)

IMG_0996Born in Junín, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He studied at “Conservatorio Nacional de Música de Buenos Aires”, and later studied violin with Rafael Gíntoli and chamber music with Tomas Tichauer.

In 1982 he joined legendary Osvaldo Pugliese’s Orchestra, where he performed as lead violinist from 1986 to 1989.

In 1989 he left Osvaldo Pugliese’s Orchestra to, with Roberto Álvarez and other musicians, create Color Tango Orchestra. He toured across Europe and took part of the first CD recordings.

In 1995 he drew distance from the Orchestra and began to perform in one of the most traditional tango houses of Buenos Aires “El Viejo Almacén”. He played as violinist of quintets and sextets with many of the most important tango masters such as Osvaldo Berlinghieri, Atilio Stampone, Julián Plaza, Emilio Balcarce, José Colángelo and Walter Ríos among others.

He also played across the world as soloist violin in several different famous tango companies such as “Tango x2” and “Una Noche en Buenos Aires”.

In 2006 he was invited to return to Color Tango Orchestra.